Peace and Development Foundation

For Interfaith Harmony and Human Rights

Who We Are..!

Peace and Development Foundation (PDF) is a non-profit, non-government, non-political and non-sectarian organization which believes in Unity and Diversity and in the equality of all citizens, regardless of religion, sex, class, caste, occupation, language, ethnicity or any other differentiation.

PDF was established in 2013, aiming to deal constructively and proactively with issues such as peace and reconciliation, interfaith harmony, gender equality, discriminatory legislation, cultural and social practices, humanitarian issues, as well as poverty reduction through development activities… Read More

What We Aim to Deliver 

To develop a joint Christian-Muslim research  forum at an academic level and to strengthen marginalized communities i.e. women and minorities, by condemning all forms of discrimination.

Gender Equality

Provide women with equal rights, encourage them to stand and earn on their own.

Interfaith Harmony

To Develop a Christian-Muslim research forum at academic level and celebrate religious commonalities.

Peace Building

To develop peace among minorities and majorities. 

Minorities Rights

To help provide with their basic rights 

  • Minorities Rights

  • Documentary on Women Empowerment

  • Talk Show Minorities Rights

Volunteer with PDF

Be a part of PDF and help humanity and give people the courage to speak for their Rights.