• Peace and Development Foundation (PDF) is a non-profit, non-government, non-political and non-sectarian organization which believes in Unity and Diversity and in the equality of all citizens, regardless of religion, sex, class, caste, occupation, language, ethnicity or any other differentiation.

    PDF was established in 2013, aiming to deal constructively and proactively with issues such as peace and reconciliation, interfaith harmony, gender equality, discriminatory legislation, cultural and social practices, humanitarian issues, as well as poverty reduction through development activities

Vision and Mission

  • Statement

    To see Pakistani citizens move from a situation of hopelessness; from a situation of conflict to peace; from a situation of injustice to justice and equity; from a situation of intolerance and extremism to tolerance and moderation; from a situation of misunderstanding and hatred to understanding, love and acceptance; and from division to unity and pluralism in the midst of diversity.

  • Goal

    To create a conducive environment for interfaith dialogue, peace and tolerance among Pakistani citizens of different faiths, sects and ethnic backgrounds; and cultivate pluralistic cultural values and progressive attitudes among people of different backgrounds. This will encourage individual and social action for building peaceful families, communities, societies and ultimately, a peaceful world.

Objectives and Activities

  • To develop a joint Christian-Muslim research forum at an academic level, in order to study historical events which are presented with obvious distortions and stereotypes, causing disharm in Christian-Muslim relations.

  • To promote Intra/Interfaith Harmony, by highlighting and celebrating religious commonalities and understanding differences among the people of various faiths and sects, through peace-building and skill-based training workshops, seminars, consultations, discussions, lectures and conferences across the country.

  • To help people understand the social context and to strenghten social connectors (Composite Heritage) to sustain a culture of peace and harmony initiatives in Pakistan.

  • To strenghten marginalized communities, i.e. women and minorities, by condemning all forms of discrimination against them at all levels in the society.

  • To empower women and youth through income-generating programmes, such as skill-based training courses as a livelihood tool to reduce poverty.

  • To cooperate with like-minded Civil Society organizations (CSOs) and institutions, through participation, sharing expertise and facilitation as resource personnel.

  • Establish and maintain a research library ,publish research documents, and exhibit any books, newsletters, pamphlets, posters and audio-video materials that may be considered desirable for the promotion of the objectives of organization and which are relevant to purpose of organization.